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Design decoration in industrial style

A contemporary decoration style

Aluminium, most often associated with modern exterior decoration, is now available to dress your interior. This material of unsuspected elegance transforms your living room into a chic setting, ideal for receiving guests.

For decoration enthusiasts, aluminium furniture accentuates the industrial style, a trend that is currently very popular.

To enhance this workshop-inspired look, you can complete your decor with an all-concrete floor. You can also combine an aluminium table with a corner sofa or steel seats. Whatever your choice, the rendering will always be spectacular.

A resistant material

Thanks to a refined know-how since 1938, we have mastered the anodizing of aluminium ; in other words, the material is adorned with an anticorrosive layer, colourless or coloured. This type of finish considerably extends the life of our products.

Modeled with our finesse and high standards, this once precious metal allows l'Alufacture to offer high-quality objects that stand the demands of daily life as well as the passage of time.

Adopt workshop-style decoration

The workshop style is the hottest trend of the moment : a resolutely industrial touch, enhanced with a touch of artist's studio, raw materials and cozy notes... All in bright rooms, as stylish as they are warm.

We see a return to raw materials, which are the basis of the modern industrial decoration and design. The lines are simple and straight, the colours are neutral. A style that can be found in apartments, but also in more classic homes in order to bring them originality and modernity.

Each object of l'Alufacture possesses its own purpose and has its own history. And behind each of them, an artist of aesthetics and function is revealed : the designer.

Meuble bibliothèque design métal alumini
Meuble bibliothèque design métal alumini
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