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The Alufacture

L’Alufacture, a tribute to our craft.

The Alufacture evokes the alliance between aluminium and the craftsmen and women that fashion it ; we suggest a certain idea of the manufacture, this industrial establishment where the quality of the workforce is the cornerstone of success. Thus we remind ourselves of the essential link between a raw material and the savoir-faire of those who work it, exemplifying the osmosis between a metal and its metallurgist.

Our origins

At the beginning, there is a family story.

Founder of the Ferri workshop, Enzo Ferri built in 1938 the foundations of a company that, from father to son, specialized in the aluminium work.


Then, this is a story of passion.

At the turn of a collaboration, there is the meeting between the workshop and a design studio : C+B Lefebvre. The first relies on wisdom and technique, when the second brings a little bit of extravagance in his designs. But the two passionate about each other, and the idea is then to combine their know-how around a common project : the Alufacture was born.


Lastly, this is also a story of sharing.

By opening the doors of its workshops to designers, the Alufacture has gradually established itself as a young editor of stylish objects, providing creators with a know-how refined during more than 80 years and a material.

Our collections

In playing with ideas of finishes, the Alufacture works the most surprising aspects of aluminium to create novel objects born of both art and technique.

From accessories to furniture, our collections are entirely made out of anodized aluminium ; infused into the material, the colour acquires an inimitable profundity and an extreme durability. Modelled with deftness to our own high standards, this once-precious metal thus allows the Alufacture to offer high-quality objects that stand the demands of daily life as well as the passage of time.

Our philosophy

True to its values, the Alufacture places passion and authenticity at the center of its approach.

Thought out by talentuous design studios, assembled in the heart of our workshops in the Champagne region, the collections of the Alufacture are the pledge of an authentic product, the promise of French elegance.

The Alufacture is attentive to today's environmental issues and is committing to working aluminium only, a metal with multiple ecological virtues. Extracted from bauxite, which is an abundant resource, aluminium is recycled with little energy, even decades later. Extremely durable, anodized aluminium is also transformed at the heart of our workshops through responsible and certified processes.