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Small Rond +

With even more colours and additional forms, Small Rond + can stand alone or alongside the other models of the collection. Astutely placed, the different shapes can be combined to create a decorative ensemble of variable geometry.

Design C+B Lefebvre.

Anodized aluminium, made in France

Available in several finishes


Exclusively for 

Roche Bobois Paris.png

Finishes & dimensions

Prussian Blue : a dark blue pigment with black reflections

Olive Brown : a warm pigment between gray and brown

Intense Black : a deeply intense black pigment

Fire Red : a red pigment with a touch of orange

Astral Gold : a soft and luminous champagne pigment

Dimensions : L.40 x W.40 x H.35 cm

Anodization is a process that makes aluminium very easy to maintain.

Different from a paint, a coloured anodization consists in infusing the pigment directly into the metal. Anodized aluminium thus acquires a highly aesthetic appearance and an extremely durable finish, while remaining 100% recyclable.