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The aluminium coffee table

Contemporary furniture

The living room is the centerpiece of a house. The one where you receive your friends to share a drink, where you relax in front of a cinema classic, where you prepare a TV set on Sunday evening. Whether timeless, contemporary or design, the coffee table is an essential element for these moments of life to be successful.

Our designers show endless creativity to imagine living room coffee tables that are as beautiful as they are functional, through a unique style : minimalist, geometric, with humble but still elegant shapes.
We thus offer you an aluminium coffee table with clean lines , for an almost aerial result. Light and ethereal, our collections can be assembled and moved as you wish, for compositions that are both unique and multiple.

Industrial design

For lovers of metal and design, but also of the industrial trend, aluminium can prove to be a winning material both by its nature and by its modern appearance.

Our coffee tables in anodized aluminium successfully combine the finesse of the design and the delicacy of the realization. Seamless, without paint, metal regains its letters of nobility and fully reveals its nature, for a resolutely modern industrial touch.

A sustainable material

Do you want to invest in furniture that stands the passage of time ? Choose a durable material that retains its original appearance, no matter the years that go by.

Anodized with mastery know-how, aluminium is adorned with a coloured or colourless anticorrosive layer, giving it both beauty and robustness. This finish considerably extends the life of the furniture, and ultimately allows it to be easily recycled.

Discovered at the beginning of the 19th century, aluminium is very popular in the manufacture of outdoor furniture. Its rating is explained by its many properties : successfully braving the vagaries of the weather, this metal is very resistant, while being ultra light. Easy to handle, it offers designers many possibilities to create furniture with sophisticated lines.

Table basse design en aluminium Small
Table basse design en aluminium Small
Table basse design en aluminium Small
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